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Listen to E3’s Podcast: “The Top 3 by E3”

To celebrate E3 Consulting’s 22nd Anniversary, we launched our podcast, “The Top 3 by E3. ” We hope you’ll take some time from your day to listen as we introduce listeners to the world of project finance and engineering. During our monthly podcast, Ginger Elbaum, E3 Managing Director, will examine a topic that our professionals come across as technical advisors. Topics range from the profession of Independent Engineering to hydrogen, wind, solar, and energy storage, among many others. While we can’t touch on everything about a topic during our series, we will provide listeners with the “top three” takeaways. Check out our podcast page at E3 Consulting Podcast – E3 Consulting.

If you have any ideas for upcoming topics or think you would be a great guest on our series, please send us a note at Thanks for listening!