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Welcome to E3 Consulting’s The Top 3 by E3!

We are delighted that you are taking the time to check out our series on the profession of Independent Engineering. Our podcast aims to introduce listeners to the world of project finance and engineering. During each episode, we will examine a topic that we come across in our daily lives as technical advisors. Topics will range from the profession of Independent Engineering to hydrogen, wind, solar, and energy storage, among many others. While we can’t touch on everything about a topic during our series, we will provide listeners with the “top three” takeaways.

We would like to thank Joseph McDade for allowing us to use his music, Elevation, as our theme. Mr. McDade is an outstanding musician, audio engineer, and podcast lover, who allows podcasts such as ours to benefit from his talents. Please check him out at https://josephmcdade.com.

Again, thanks for listening and if you have any suggestions for upcoming topics, please reach out to us at e3co@e3co.com. 

The E3 Crew