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Our Services

Providing expert solutions and services throughout the entire project lifecycle, from development to decommissioning.

Since 1999, E3 Consulting Services has been a trusted name in the industry. Starting out with commercial and technical due diligence for project finance transactions, primarily in the fossil fuels industry, E3 has evolved to meet the growing demands of the global energy transition.

Today, our focus has significantly shifted to renewable and clean energy projects, in line with the global shift towards sustainable energy solutions. However, we also maintain our expertise in traditional projects, and we continue to lead the way in independent engineering and technical advisory services for project finance.

We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive suite of services spanning the entire project lifecycle, from design and development to engineering, financing and construction, performance testing, re-powering, acquisition and investiture, and project decommissioning and closure planning.

We are here to support you at every step of your project journey. 

Owner’s & Field Engineering Support

Helping clients move through the many moving parts of a project’s early development phase into commercial operation.

Independent Engineering & Project Financing

Ensuring an asset is a good investment and mitigating any potential risks to securing financing.

Construction & Independent Monitoring

Regular monitoring and evaluation during the construction phase to resolve potential issues before they cause problems.

Distressed Asset Evaluation & Restructuring

Minimizing risks in challenging situations with solutions that put faltering projects on more solid ground.

Ownership Change

Reliable reviews and assessments to help ensure smooth transitions when projects merge or change ownership.

Retrofitting & Decommissioning

Full service reviews and compliance evaluations for older projects undergoing a retrofit or nearing end of life.