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E3 Team Part of Battery Storage Applications Workshop

E3’s Andy Hixson and Paul Plath traveled to Charleston, South Carolina to participate in a Battery Storage Applications Workshop sponsored by CoBank as part of its Energy and Water Executive Forum. The workshop, held prior to the formal Conference, was conducted on July 31.

Andy presented on the current state of battery energy storage, with a focus on market drivers including renewable project development, adoption of state renewable portfolio standards, technology innovations, and state and federal policy initiatives. Paul was part of a panel discussion regarding the structuring of battery storage projects to properly allocate risk between the parties. In particular, he discussed selection of the proper technology to fit the specific application and partnering with proven and credit-worthy equipment suppliers, integrators and contractors to reduce performance risk. Supply chain issues were also discussed, specifically the difficulty in securing delivery guarantees for certain high-demand components. For additional information, feel free to reach out to either Paul ( or Andy (