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E3 Staff Attend Industry Conferences

Spring is typically a busy time for industry conferences; this year is no exception. E3’s staff are keeping track of industry initiatives and technological developments by attending the following key events: Feel free to reach out to our team members for additional information.

Just posted: “Hydrogen as a Vehicle Fuel” podcast with Al Rettenmaier and Ginger Elbaum

In the third episode of the hydrogen series that is part of The Top Three by E3 Podcast, Ginger Elbaum, managing director of E3, and Al Rettenmaier head of E3’s oil, gas, and chemicals practice,¬†discuss hydrogen as a vehicle fuel.¬† During this episode, Al and Ginger look at the use of hydrogen as a vehicle…
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Listen to the second episode in E3’s series regarding Hydrogen: Green Hydrogen: What’s It All About?

Ginger Elbaum, E3’s Managing Director, and Al Rettenmaier, E3’s Oil, Gas & Chemicals practice leader, and an E3 Executive Director, continue their discussion of hydrogen in the second episode of E3’s The Top 3 by E3 podcast. Because green hydrogen is made from renewable energy, it is at the top of the sustainability pyramid and…
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Listen to E3’s Podcast: “The Top 3 by E3”

To celebrate E3 Consulting’s 22nd Anniversary, we launched our podcast, “The Top 3 by E3. ” We hope you’ll take some time from your day to listen as we introduce listeners to the world of project finance and engineering. During our monthly podcast, Ginger Elbaum, E3 Managing Director, will examine a topic that our professionals…
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