Month: May 2023

Due Diligence & Technical Services

Energy Storage SME and Electrical Engineer Lucian Gavriliuc joins E3 as Executive Director, Energy Storage

We are pleased to announce the addition of Lucian Gavriliuc, P.E., as Executive Director of the Energy Storage practice, where he will lead E3’s growing practice as part of its overall renewables practice growth strategy. Lucian will provide technical advisory services, including Owner’s Engineering (OE) and Independent Engineering (IE), related to stand-alone and/or integrated (solar, wind,…
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Factors to Consider When Developing a Solar Module Spares Plan

Nearly all commercial or utility-scale solar power projects are provisioned with spare solar modules as part of the initial module purchase. Though no standard spare quantity is required, the industry has generally accepted 1% as a typical number of excess modules to provide an allowance for shipping and installation breakage and maintenance spares sufficient to…
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