Due Diligence & Technical Services

E3 has reviewed the development, construction, and operation of a variety of hydropower projects. We work with several highly experienced sub consultants who provide additional expertise related to hydroelectric plant design and operations and hydro resource assessments. We also draw upon the shared resources of our parent company, NAES, to provide in-depth operation and maintenance services.

John Purcell, E3 Consulting
Technology Lead, John Purcell

Representative Projects

Swan Lake and Goldendale Pumped Storage Projects, Oregon and Washington

E3 served as the Independent Technical Due Diligence Consultant on behalf of potential investors into the 400 MW Swan Lake and 1,200 MW Goldendale closed-loop hydroelectric pumped storage projects located in Oregon and Washington, respectively. E3’s scope included a fatal flaw due diligence review of the available pertinent documents for these two proposed projects such as design; geology, geohydrology, seismology, and geotechnology; turbine-generator selection, capital and O&M cost estimates; environmental, permitting; and licensing; cultural resources; schedules; and revenues.

Shavano and Drop 4 Hydroelectric Projects, Montrose, Colorado

E3 provided Independent Engineering services to CoBank, which was participating in the construction financing of two small irrigation canal hydroelectric projects located near Montrose, Colorado. The Shavano Hydroelectric Project is a 2.8 MW facility located on the CP Lateral canal and the Drop 4 Hydroelectric Project is a 4 MW Project located on the South Canal.  Both projects were developed by Sorenson Engineering, which completed two other similar projects on the South Canal.