Due Diligence & Technical Services

E3’s staff has provided expertise on a variety of geothermal projects totaling more than 2,000 MW of electric capacity. The services provided include pre-financing due diligence, acquisition and divestiture assistance, project turnaround, asset valuations and appraisals, operations management consulting, environmental permitting and site assessments, development assistance, and dispute resolution support. Our team members have worked with several technologies, including single flash, dual flash, triple flash, Ormat Binary Cycle, Ormat Hybrid Cycle utilizing Fuji and Mitsubishi turbines, and Turbine Air Systems (TAS) binary power cycle.

Mike O’Dell, E3 Consulting
Technology Lead, Mike O’Dell

Representative Projects

Lightning Dock Geothermal (LDG) ProjectHildago County, New Mexico.

E3 provided a technical due diligence review on behalf of lenders supporting the approximately $32.7 million debt financing of the LDG Repower Project, owned by Cyrq Energy, Inc., a privately owned renewable energy company. Lightning Dock is located in the LDG resource area in the southwest corner of New Mexico. The project was repowered utilizing a single 9 MW net Mitsubishi Turboden turbo-generator.

Hudson Rance - E3 Consulting

Hudson Ranch Geothermal Project – Salton Sea, California

E3 provided due diligence services to the Department of Energy’s Loan Guarantee Program office to ensure that this proposed 50 MW geothermal energy project was viable and achievable. The project is in the Salton Sea geothermal area and utilizes a triple-flash geothermal cycle. E3’s scope included reviewing the power cycle design and materials, production well and collection system design, interconnection requirements, capital costs and construction schedule and financial projections. Additionally, an E3 team member served as the project manager for the pre-financing due diligence and construction monitoring.