Due Diligence & Technical Services

As a result of the specialized and diverse experience of our select group of employees, E3 has worked on renewable energy projects, including wind, geothermal, solar (PV and CSP), landfill gas, waste-to-energy, and bioenergy.


E3 has reviewed the development, construction, and operation of a variety of biomass-fueled projects, including biomass projects, combustion projects ranging in size from 6 MWs to 75 MW, and wood pelletizing projects, among others. E3’s team of biomass experts understands what makes a project technically viable and financially feasible.

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E3’s staff has provided expertise on a variety of geothermal projects totaling more than 2,000 MW of electric capacity. The services provided include pre-financing due diligence, acquisition and divestiture assistance, project turnaround, asset valuations and appraisals, operations management consulting, environmental permitting and site assessments, development assistance, and dispute resolution support. Our team members have worked with several technologies, including single flash, dual flash, triple flash, Ormat Binary Cycle, Ormat Hybrid Cycle utilizing Fuji and Mitsubishi turbines, and Turbine Air Systems (TAS) binary power cycle.

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E3 has reviewed the development, construction, and operation of a variety of hydropower projects. We work with several highly experienced sub consultants who provide additional expertise related to hydroelectric plant design and operations and hydro resource assessments. We also draw upon the shared resources of our parent company, NAES, to provide in-depth operation and maintenance services.

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Solar Power

E3 has reviewed the development, construction, and operation of everything from utility-scale solar projects to large portfolios consisting of commercial and residential solar leases. Our solar team understands what makes a solar project technically viable and financially feasible.

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Wind Power

E3 has provided technical and commercial Independent Engineering due diligence reviews for wind projects ranging from large utility scale (MW range) to smaller community scale (<10 MW).  We have worked with the major turbine manufacturers and understand what makes a wind project both technical viable and financially feasible.

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Energy Storage - E3 Consulting

Representative Projects


AES Distributed Generation Warehouse Project, Nationwide

E3 served as the Independent Engineer to support the acquisition and financing of a portfolio of residential photovoltaic (PV) solar leases for AES Distributed Generation, formerly Main Street Power, and their Joint Venture with Morgan Stanley, MySolar. For this unique project, E3 developed an innovative sampling method and lease evaluation process that will provide statistical data on the compliance of the leases to the lease criteria. This unique approach was applied to thousands of residential solar leases, with only a statistical sample of projects being evaluated. For these leases, E3 conducted a comprehensive review of approximately 200 criteria, including the rooftop installation detail, solar resource, shading analysis, net metering regulation compliance, electrical design, inverter reserves, 1603 compliance, interconnection requirements, equipment selection, warranties, performance guarantees, construction agreements, and other aspects.

Ammonia Plant

Myriant Lake Providence Succinic Acid Plant, Louisiana

E3 served as the Independent Engineer supporting the construction and term financing of a succinic acid and ammonium sulfate production plant in Lake Providence, Louisiana. The plant uses novel fermentation processes to produce high-value industrial chemicals using low-cost non-petroleum feedstocks. E3 reviewed the process technology, construction plans, capital and production costs, permitting requirements and financial projections. The facility was partially financed with commercial debt and received grants from the U.S. Department of Energy and the United States Department of Agriculture.


Terra-Gen Voyager I Wind Project, California

E3 served as the Independent Engineer on behalf of project lenders to support the construction and term financing of the 130 MW wind project located in the Tehachapi Wind Resource Area of California.  The project is utilizing Vestas V112-3.45 WTGs.  E3’s services included a review of technology, status of permitting, construction contracts, construction costs and schedule, the wind resource study and production estimates, O&M costs, and interconnection requirements.