Power Generation

Due Diligence & Technical Services

Members of the E3 team have long provided services to the electric power industry serving as corporate officers, engineers, line managers, asset managers, and developers. Our professionals bring this experience to their role as management consultants. Team members have participated in projects ranging in size from less than one MW to greater than 2,000 MWs utilizing state-of-the-art technologies such as combustion gas turbines, diesel engines, pulverized coal and stoker-fired boilers, fluidized-bed boilers, gasification, waste-to-energy boilers, geothermal facilities, hydro-electric, solar-power systems, and wind turbines.

District Energy and Central Heating & Power

E3’s project experience includes a wide variety of heat recovery experience, including HRSG’s, hot water systems, organic Rankine cycles, and other configurations. Additionally, E3 has extensive experience reviewing district heating and cooling systems. On behalf of our clients, our professionals have followed the introduction of new technology into the marketplace through initial reliability and performance problem-solving issues and, finally, long-term operating history.

Natural Gas

E3 has provided technical advice on more than 200 new and existing gas-fired power projects totaling more than 85,000 megawatts of capacity. Because our team members have an average of over 25 years of experience, we have worked on a variety of gas-fired power generation technologies over the years. Our project experience also includes heat recovery steam generation experience, and our experience with steam turbine generators includes several models provided by General Electric, Alstom, Mitsubishi, Siemens, and Westinghouse, among others.


E3 has access to an experienced team of nuclear power professionals with combined experience of more than 36,000 MW of generating capacity. Our team is comprised of senior-level engineers and executives who have significant project management experience involving the design, construction, engineering, and operations of commercial nuclear plants in the United States and abroad.

Our team members come from major nuclear power firms such as Stone & Webster, Duke Energy, and Indiana Michigan Power Company, and have worked on a wide array of nuclear plant technologies, including B&W Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR), Combustion Engineering PWR, GE Boiling Water Reactors (BWR), Westinghouse PWR, and 12 nuclear nuclear-related fuel, enrichment, storage, packaging, and waste facilities. They have substantial experience working with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, World Atomic Nuclear Organization-WANO, Institute of Nuclear Power Operations-INPO, U.S. Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board, state, and local agencies.


E3 Consulting has provided expertise to more than 60 solid fuel projects totaling more than 20,000 megawatts of capacity. Our experience encompasses a project size from 18 MW to greater than 2,000 MW and includes a variety of technologies including pulverized coal combustion, stoker-fired boilers, bubbling bed, and fluidized bed combustion..

Our team members have an average of over 25 years of experience and have worked on a variety of technologies over the years, including Combustion Engineering, Energy Products of Idaho (EPI), Asea Brown Boveri, Alstom, Kvaerner, Tampella, Combustion Engineering, Babcock and Wilcox, and Foster Wheeler boilers used to combust coal, waste coal, and petroleum coke.

Paul Plath, E3 Consulting
Technology Lead, Paul Plath

Representative Projects

Montclair State

Montclair State University

E3 served as the Independent Engineer for Montclair State University’s Micro Grid and System Expansion Project that expanded an existing Central Energy Center and Energy Distribution System, which provided electricity, steam heating, and chilled water services. The completed upgrade added five megawatts of peak shaving and backup generation with a fully integrated Load Management system to control, monitor, and manage electric demand and usage. E3 served as the construction monitor for the project.

Cook Plant

Donald C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant, Michigan

E3 has been serving as the Independent Monitor for the two-unit 2,130 MW Donald C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant’s Project’s Life Cycle Management (LCM) Project, a six-year assignment. The plant is located in Michigan, and is owned by American Electric Power. E3 performs its services on behalf of the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission and the Michigan Public Service Commission. E3’s primary responsibility is to independently review the cost and scheduling aspects of the LCM Project, helping ensure adherence to the plan as the project proceeds. For additional information about this project, please click on the project profile.


John W. Turk, Jr. Plant, Arkansas

E3 served as the Independent Engineer on behalf of the lender providing financing for a portion of the John W. Turk Jr. Plant, a 600 MW net Ultra Super Critical (USC) coal-fired power station. The Project employed USC advanced coal combustion technology, a new, more efficient coal-fired boiler and turbine design that relies on higher steam temperatures (above 1,100 °F) than the conventional supercritical design. Over the 30-year life of the unit, the greater efficiency will enable it to consume two million less tons of coal and emit four million fewer tons of CO2 than the conventional supercritical unit of the same size. E3’s scope of work included the review of all major plant contracts, contractor qualifications and staffing levels, environmental compliance and site conditions, analysis of plans for major maintenance and capital expenditures, and costs and schedule, among other tasks. The due diligence supported the Rural Utilities Service’s Lien Machine Process and the interim and permanent financing for the Project. E3 was subsequently engaged by the Arkansas Public Service Commission, the Louisiana Public Service Commission, the Public Utility Commission of Texas, and American Electric Power Company to serve as the Independent Monitor for Turk.


Jackson Generation, Illinois

E3 served as the Independent Engineer for the Jackson Generation Project. Developed and owned by J-Power USA, Jackson Generation will be a 1,200-megawatt natural gas-fired combined cycle facility using Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas, 5013AC gas turbines. The Project, which will supply electricity to the PJM market, reached financial close at the end of June 2019, securing a $790 million in bank and fixed-income debt. E3 is serving as the construction monitor for the Project.