E3 Consulting Celebrates its 23rd Anniversary

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E3 Consulting Celebrates its 23rd Anniversary

E3 Consulting Celebrates its 23rd Anniversary this month. Paul Plath, E3’s President, released the following message to commemorate the occasion.

Today we celebrate E3’s 23rd year in business.  While 23 is not typically a significant milestone year, I feel that in many ways this past year was a big milestone for the company.  We survived another year of the pandemic and now are finally seeing the light at the end of that tunnel as we look forward to getting back to more normal work and personal lives. In a relationship-based business like ours, personal contact with our coworkers and clients is very important, both for sustaining our culture as well as the personal connections with clients that build trust and ultimately long-term business relationships.  At E3’s annual conference, held in early February, the overwhelming feedback we received from our guests was simple gratitude that we had the conference at all. Participants felt that it provided a much-needed opportunity for people to get together and make a personal connection again.

Last year, E3 took a major step forward in building the “E3 of the future” with the people and skills we will need to serve the rapidly changing energy market.  We are so proud of our new solar team comprised of Jim Langel, our solar practice leader, as well as Ajinkya Joshi, Jeremiah Carroll, and Daniel Tarico. Together, they are rapidly expanding our services and reach in the solar market. Chris Wright, E3’s energy storage practice leader, has brought fresh energy to our team along with his broad contacts in the energy storage business and has started to make a name for E3 in the energy space. We are grateful for the hard work and engagement of all of our new team members.

Although it seems like we have been talking about the energy transition for years, we are in reality still in the early phases of it.  Our business is going to continue to change as the market evolves, but the resiliency and ability to quickly adapt, skills which we have shown in the past year, confirms my confidence that E3 can continue to grow and thrive for many years to come. 

Paul B. Plath, P.E. , President

E3 Consulting