E3 Consulting Celebrates its 22nd Anniversary

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E3 Consulting Celebrates its 22nd Anniversary

As E3 Consulting celebrates this momentous milestone, we look forward to continuing our journey!

E3 Consulting is pleased to announce that March 1, 2021 marked our 22nd Anniversary! As Ginger Elbaum, E3’s Managing Director noted: “This past year has been a year of challenges. Little did we know when we celebrated our 21st Anniversary what was ahead of us.  We would and continue to face a global pandemic that has disrupted our lives both personally and professionally.  As a business, E3 faced a reacting financial market, upended energy markets, a significant shift in projects that were financed, and changes in the way we did business.  But this time was also a time of transition for E3, and we have positioned ourselves well for continued growth in the current and emerging markets. 

On a personal level, we have faced struggles ranging from loss of friends and loved ones to isolation and a loss of peace, stability, and normalcy. It has been a year that has felt all at once chaotic, but also refocusing.  We have been reminded that at the end of the day it is people that matter the most – our families, our friends, our work family, our clients.   What we value the most is each other.  So a very big thank you to the E3 team and to our loyal clients.  We are looking forward to the year ahead and hopefully seeing each other again soon.”

Paul Plath, E3’s President and one of its founders added: “We’ve seen a lot of ups and downs over the past 22 years, but E3 has proven to be adaptable and resilient and emerged from these difficult periods better than we were before.  I feel confident that we will do it again after enduring what was certainly one of our most challenging years, both as a company and to each of us personally.  E3 has been blessed over the years with a talented and dedicated team that was willing to dig in and push through the tough times.  I am grateful to and proud of our staff for what we accomplished.”

Thank you for being part of our continuing journey.